Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aoxomoxoa !!!

All songs written by Garcia and Hunter unless otherwise noted.
"St. Stephen" (Garcia, Hunter, Lesh) – 4:26
"Dupree's Diamond Blues"– 3:32
"Rosemary" – 1:58
"Doin' That Rag" – 4:41
"Mountains of the Moon" – 4:02
"China Cat Sunflower" – 3:40
"What's Become Of The Baby" – 8:12
"Cosmic Charlie" – 5:29

2003 Reissue Bonus Tracks
"Clementine Jam" (Grateful Dead) – 10:46
"Nobody's Spoonful Jam" (Grateful Dead) – 10:04
"The Eleven Jam" (Grateful Dead) – 15:00
"Cosmic Charlie" – 6:47

(track list from Wikipedia)

Aoxomoxoa is 38 years old today !!!

Happy Birthday, you deliciously palindromically titled little album !!

I've always pronounced it ox-ah-mox-ah. I think there's supposed to be an extra "oh" syllable between the mox and the final "ah", but I always leave it out. That's just how I roll, people. Deal.

Anyway, great album. St. Stephen(though the live version released on Live/Dead eclipses it in my heart), Mountains Of the Moon,China Cat Sunflower(na-na-na), Dupree's Diamond Blues, Cosmic Charlie.

I can remember playing this album the first time I"fell"?...And my friend would NOT let me hear "What's Become Of the Baby?". He said I didn't need to hear that at this particular moment, I think he was right. I have never cared much for that song since then. I don't know if it's coincidence, or if my brain has retained some distrust of hearing it, "falling" or not.

According to Wikipedia, Courtney Love(5 years old at the time) is in the picture on the back cover. I'll have to look at my vinyl copy and see if that's true.

It took me awhile to realize how "fertile" the front cover is.

I don't have much else to add, I guess.

Happy Birthday, Aoxomoxoa !!!


Mark said...

Got a link to that Wiki story?

I don't see how that's possible. I'm 48 and I think Courteney Love is a lot younger than I.

Maybe she's only a little younger than I.

Paticus said...

Mark- Here 'tis