Thursday, August 12, 2010

Change Of Venue....

Okay, not a complete change of venue, but it occurred to me that the Good Old Grateful Dead is not the ONLY music I listen to, and why not share some other music on this blog as well? You guys cool with that? I'm pretty sure that you will be.
  So, in the spirit of the blog's transformation...Well, maybe "transformation" is not the best term, how about "tweaking"? Better? I think so...In honor of this blog's "tweaking"(you will notice that I changed the tagline to "An Outlet for a Grateful Dead/Music Obsession"), I will share with you the to which(whom?) I have been listening lately...Deer Tick.
  I saw these guys on Letterman back in June, and I have been listening to them almost non-stop since. And then, they actually came and played in Tallahassee!! I could not believe my good fortune. We went to see them at a place called the Engine Room, and they absolutely did not disappoint. Great show. I like the music, I like the lyrics...As with  a lot of the music I like, I can't say exactly why I love it, I just know that I do. You guys should check them out...Here's a coupla videos:

Baltimore Blues No.1


Beautiful Girls

Smith Hill

Hope you enjoy. VIVA DEER TICK!!!!

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