Monday, March 16, 2009

'Sup ?

Okay, so it has been exactly six months since I have been here...How unacceptable is THAT ?

Since we last spoke, the surviving members of the Good Old Grateful Dead have reunited under their problematic moniker The Dead for a Spring Tour. Unfortunately, they are not coming close enough to me that I will be able to see them, though I also was a little surprised at the ticket prices I saw ($89.00 ? really ? And a friend of mine paid near $100 bucks for nosebleed seats in Los Angeles). I must admit, if they came a little closer, I probably would have bit the bullet and gone to see them.
I'm hoping if they do a summer tour that they will either be somewhere North East while we are up there, or maybe they'll hit FLA or GA.

Happy Belated Birthday to Phil Lesh!!!

I promise I will come around more often.

Let's leave it with a little Phil lead vocal...Whaddya say ?(Pale legged brothers UNITE!!)


jim e said...

How often was phil, on stage, during a concert, in shorts?

Paticus said...

I don't know, but I would have to guess it was not often.
thanks for the visit and comment!