Thursday, April 3, 2008

Winterland 1973

Disc 1: 11/9/73

1. “Promised Land”

2. “Brown-Eyed Woman”

3. “Me & Bobby McGee”

4. “They Love Each Other”

5. “Black-Throated Wind”

6. “Don’t East Me In”

7. “Mexicali Blues”

8. “Row Jimmy”

9. “The Race Is On”

10. “China Cat Sunflower” >

11. “I Know You Rider”

Disc 2: 11/9/73

1. “Playing In The Band”

2. “Here Comes Sunshine”

3. “Me & My Uncle”

4. “To Lay Me Down”

5. “Big River”

6. “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo”

7. “Greatest Story Ever Told” >

8. “Bertha”

Disc 3: 11/9/73

1. “Weather Report Suite” a. Prelude b. Part I c. Part II (Let It Grow)

2. “Eyes Of The World” >

3. “China Doll”

4. “Around And Around” >

5. “Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad” >

6. “Johnny B. Goode”

Disc 4: 11/10/73

1. “Bertha”

2. “Jack Straw”

3. “Loser”

4. “Looks Like Rain”

5. “Deal”

6. “Mexicali Blues”

7. “Tennessee Jed”

8. “El Paso”

9. “Brokedown Palace”

10. “Beat It On Down The Line”

11. “Row Jimmy”

Disc 5: 11/10/73

1. “Weather Report Suite” a. Prelude b. Part I c. Part II (Let It Grow)

2. “Playing In The Band” >

3. “Uncle John’s Band” >

4. “Morning Dew” >

5. “Uncle John’s Band” >

6. “Playing In The Band”

Disc 6: 11/10/73

1. “Big River”

2. “Stella Blue”

3. “Truckin’” >

4. “Wharf Rat” >

5. “Sugar Magnolia”

6. “One More Saturday Night”

7. “Casey Jones”

Disc 7: 11/11/73

1. “Promised Land” >

2. “Bertha” >

3. “Greatest Story Ever Told”

4. “Sugaree”

5. “Black-Throated Wind”

6. “To Lay Me Down”

7. “El Paso”

8. “Ramble On Rose”

9. “Me & Bobby McGee”

Disc 8: 11/11/73

1. “China Cat Sunflower” >

2. “I Know You Rider”

3. “Me & My Uncle”

4. “Loose Lucy”

5. “Weather Report Suite” a. Prelude b. Part I c. Part II (Let It Grow)

6. “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo”

7. “Big River”

Disc 9: 11/11/73

1. “Dark Star” >

2. “Eyes Of The World” >

3. “China Doll”

4. “Sugar Magnolia”

5. “Uncle John’s Band”

6. “Johnny B. Goode” >

7. “We Bid You Goodnight”

Bonus Disc: Cincinnati Gardens, 12/4/73 (for orders placed before April 30th)

1. “China Cat Sunflower”

2. “I Know You Rider”

3. “Truckin’”

4. “Stella Blue”

5. “Eyes Of The World”

6. “Space”

7. “Sugar Magnolia”

8. “Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad”

9. “Casey Jones”

I ordered mine today from , and I am giddy with anticipation !!!!


Zoooma said...

Great recordings, I'm sure. And what a cool cover!

But the company that released it -- Rhino -- they're bastards who are mismanaging the Dead's vault.

They've released two "Greatest Hits" albums in their short time with their hands on the goods. Who ever told them we wanted "Greatest Hits" albums? For the most part, collectors want full shows... like this Winterland release... but these are the bastards who shut down Speeding Arrow. Actually Zephyr shut it down but he was forced to by Rhino.

(I got your email and I'll get back to you with some more about SA.)

Why does Rhino suck so badly, besides the fact that they forced the closing of the internet's only site devoted to the entire library of GD on mp3 (as well as about 2/3 of Jerry at the time of shutdown) ... well, at the pace they're going, the entire vault might finally be released around the year 2940. Paticus, my man, how long are you gonna live? Me, not quite until 2940. I'm gonna try but I'm not sure I'll make it that far.

People want the music. Rhino's holding it back. That's the bottom line. So lotsa Speeding Arrow folks are now boycotting Rhino and everything they release (including that beautiful Winterland set) until they do it right.

I don't blame you for ordering it... whew, man, some sweet shows!

Paticus said...

Zooma- well, shit. I did not know there was a boycott going on.
As far as the "Greatest Hits" thing goes, that doesn't bother me so much, if they would put out whole shows as well.

Zooomabooma said...

Well, didjya get it yet? How ya lovin' it?!?

Paticus said...

I did get it, and I am digging it.
It's over-priced, for sure, but it is sweet sounding.