Thursday, May 10, 2007

MY Mostest & Leastest Favorite Grateful Dead Songs...

I know, I'm posting this later than I said I would....oops.

Mark asked for my least favorite as well, so I have decided to include that as well.

Mostest Favorite:

Now as we all now, the concept of a "favorite" Grateful Dead song is kind of a living entity, constantly changing....In fact, I could almost say that whatever Dead song I am currently listening to is my favorite, and I would most likely be telling the truth.
But as far as the song I always return to, it's "Box Of Rain"- I just think it's the boys at their best. The lyrics are beautiful, so is the music.

Honorable Mentions:
Brown-Eyed Women
Scarlet Begonias
Unbroken Chain
U.S. Blues
Don't Need Love
Estimated Prophet
Covers: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue,When I Paint My Masterpiece

Leastest Favorite:
A little easier, but hard to pin down just one, actually. I don't really dislike the standard songs that I always hear people hate- Money, Money or Keep Your Day Job.
I think my vote would have to go with...Corinna. Hate it. hate it. Hate it.

Honorable Mentions:
Samba In The Rain
Way To Go Home

Covers: Little Red Rooster & Walkin' Blues


Jennifer said...

I was out jaunting around for some new blogs and I found yours. It's super-fly. I love the dead. I agree you just have to keep going back to Box of Rain. My other favorites are Rubin And Cherise -- all versions are good but I love the version from the Oregon State Prison show in, wait, I can't remember the year..I have the bootleg somewhere around here? Ripple, and Friend of the Devil. But honestly it all comes down to the mood of the day or the road trip you're on.

Cool blog...I'll be back.

Paticus said...

Jennifer- Big fan of Rubin and cherise as well.And one can nvere go wrong with friend Of The devil or Ripple.
Thanks for stopping by, and please come back often !!!