Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Grateful Dead Radio On Sirius !!!

The Good Ole Grateful Dead are apparently going to have their own channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.
Uh-Huh. It says so here.

Looks like it's time to bust back out the Sirius !!!

I can't tell if it will be a permanent channel ala the Elvis channel they have, or whether it will be temporary, like the Who, Rolling Stones and Springsteen channels they have had on there.
Fingers crossed for PERMANENT !!!


Jennifer said...

That's neat-o. But I think satellite radio is expensive? Maybe too expensive for this girl. Back when I lived in Humboldt there was this fly station that had a dead evenings, almost every night. Ahhh, Humboldt.

Paticus said...

I got it as agift a few years ago. I think it's about 12 bucks a month, but I'm not sure.

Jennifer said...

Oh, that's not too bad.

Paticus said...

it's great for road trips and stuff. I have a short commute, so it doesn't do a lot there.
it has actually been on the back burner recently as we got an iPod, but i'll have to break it back out for GD radio !!