Thursday, February 22, 2007

Freaky !!!

My Ipod, on shuffle, just did it's own Scarlet-> Fire !!
It went from Scarlet Begonias off of Closing Of Winterland to Fire On the Mountain from Dead Set.


Mark said...

I watched COW on KQED and listened to it simulcast on KSAN that very NYE. I also taped iot on ree-to-reel which someone swiped from me.

It's my favorite NYE show of theirs.

That's cool about the iPod Scarlet/Fire.

Will Cate said...

That's pretty neat. I just loaded all the stuff David Lemieux has posted from the vault on onto my iPod:

In a couple of weeks I have a long road trip so I'll see how Shuffle plays them out...

Greetings Paticus - - I'm a former Tallahassean, FSU grad ('83). Hi also to my Californeean buddy Mark.

Paticus said...

I am digging that Cow Palace release. some goooood stuff.

Welcome and thanks for the comment, and I must visit that Lemieux link.

Mark said...

I finally figured out why I was confused - I meant Closing of Winterland by COW.

No brain cells were fried in my Dead days...

I need to get that Cow Palace release. I heard a little of it this past NYE when it was broadcast on that Dead radio site, whatever thew hell it is...LOL